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Epika is the extension of your team, that's why we work hand in hand with our clients in communications, marketing and event services. No matter the size of your project, we will help you achieve great results through innovative and customized strategies. 


We will look for the best approach to communications both inside and outside your organization.

Thanks to communications

We help you to go one step further in your strategies.

Communications are constantly changing, and Epika can be your executing arm in this battle. We design transversal and omnichannel strategies tailor-made to help you achieve your objectives.

We leave behind traditional tools while safeguarding your values in order to transmit each message with the greatest possible energy, coming from a standpoint of integrity, creativity, transparency and excellence.

Expertos en comunicación financiera

We have extensive experience working for clients in private banking, commercial banking, fund management companies, brokers, insurance companies, roboadvisors, fintech, financial advisors...

We know that this is a highly regulated sector, and we know the limits of it, which is not incompatible with trying to break away from the traditional. Evolving and differentiating yourself from the competition is possible, and we want to do it together.

Everything you need in one place:


We connect brands and people 

Out of the box

We make your brand stand out from the crowd.

We help you to get closer to your potential customers, to build customer loyalty, or to reach new audiences. We will analyze your objectives and define the best actions to achieve them. 

We go out of the conventional ways while always respecting your red lines and the rules of the game. 

Our customer-centric vision allows us to connect your brand with the desires of your audience through strategic online and offline marketing campaigns. 

How can we not think about results if the letters
are in our name: KPI.

Not only do we measure results, but we also analyze them to draw conclusions that can be used to improve all the actions we carry out. 

Everything you need in one place:


We unleash creativity and create experiential events that generate the WOW effect.

Customize it

Let them talk about your event, but let your event talk about you.

Events and public appearances are an essential channel to place your messages, gather your clients and potential clients, and give the best version of yourself at a corporate level.

Therefore, we believe it is essential to take care of even the smallest detail, whether it is our own event or a collaboration with third parties... At Epika we are firmly committed to this line of work, and we take one of our values to the extreme: excellence. We are only satisfied if we achieve the wow effect.

We are with you from minute 0

Our philosophy goes far beyond the production of an event. We can help you with the creative concept, invitations, venue search, guest management and coordination... And everything you can imagine! (And also with what you can't imagine).

The lights go out, but... is the event over? Once we achieve the expected result, it's time to take it one step further. That's when the compound of communications, audiovisual content pieces, repercussion and social network posts is set in motion.

Everything you need in one place:

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